Delicate and decadent

First confession of the week. Despite knowing that my alarm clock would go off at 6.20am, I stayed up far later than was sensible last night, reading graphic novels. This morning I paid for it dearly and by the time lunch rolled around I was in serious need of some fresh air and fortification as I was still feeling pretty delicate (despite drinking enough tea to float a dingy).

2013-09-02 13.11.42

Avocado, roasted red pepper, red onion, sweetcorn and lettuce on an enormous poppyseed roll. This particular beauty came from The Runner Bean, beside Trinity College. It’s an itty bitty deli that, from the outside, looks like a fruit and veg stall. Inside the sandwich bar might look very meat heavy at first glance, but it’s actually one of the best spots in the area for a really delicious, filling vegan sandwich. It was consumed with gusto while enjoying the sun and sitting on the grass in Merrion Square park, watching the butterflies having a great time in the flower beds.

I’ve learned to appreciate a good sandwich bar already, having ended up with a iceberg-tomato-sweetcorn-no relish “special” on more than one occasion out of sheer desperation. Why must so many of the options at the average sandwich bar be covered in mayo? Surely it’s not just a problem for vegans – what about people watching their health in general?

I was more than ready for dinner this evening as well. I’m trying to avoid junk snack foods during the day, which I succeeded at today at least.

2013-09-01 19.57.26

This is my giant 5kg bag of pinto beans, which Osiris seems to think has kibble hidden somewhere inside. We eat quite a lot of these beans, mostly in the form of refried beans. I get them in bulk from the fabulous Dublin Co-op and they work out really cheap this way. I have an equally big bag of chickpeas as well – they’re the two we get through most of.

So tonight refried beans were on the menu. I don’t actually refry them though. I tend to soak and then cook in a large pot, and when they’re soft (as opposed to tender) I give them a smash with a potato masher and add boullion powder, cumin, salt, garlic powder and onion powder to the pot, then let them cook down over a low heat, stirring every once in a while. While it’s not exactly labour intensive, it does take a while so I tend to cook several meals worth in one go, usually at the weekend when I can get on with other things at the same time. They’re well worth the effort and as there’s no oil I have no feelings of guilt when I over indulge in them.

2013-09-02 20.18.13

Flour tortilla, refried beans, yellow rice, roasted sweet potato and red onion (done in oven with a little olive oil and dried oregano) and topped with avocado (I may have a problem!) which was mashed with a squirt of lime and some coriander (cilantro).  Absolutely delicious. I haven’t used sweet potato for this before and after tonight I think it’ll be a regular feature. All that was missing was a blob of plain yoghurt, but I’m having terrible problems finding unflavoured stuff in my brand of choice, Sojade.

Time for a rum and Fentimans, a movie, and an early night.


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