Hot stuff comin’ through!

First of all I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has left comments on my blog over the last few days. I’ve only been doing this whole vegan thing for a short time and it’s really encouraging. You guys rock!

I wasn’t entirely sure what I should post for day three of VeganMoFo, and then at lunchtime a subject thrust itself upon me. Oooh er missus.

I do my best to bring lunch with me to work – this is the land of horribly expensive pre-packed sandwiches, after all. Today it was homemade hummus (which is a million times better than shop stuff, even if you use canned beans) and pitta bread. It wasn’t until I was toasting my bread that I realised the awful truth.

I’d forgotten to bring hot sauce.

Now I’m not obsessed with hot sauce like some people I know. I don’t have to put it on literally everything, but I do love the stuff. It’s hugely versatile, has a great shelf life (unlike fresh chilli) and each variety has a predictable level of heat/vinegar/sweetness.  I also realise it’s a Marmite thing. I love it, HusBeast hates it. Somehow we still manage to stay married :p


line up


So here’s my current hotsauce collection. Smaller than usual, as I’m trying to run down the pantry in preparation for moving house this Autumn. This also doesn’t include things like my homemade chilli jam (yum!), dried chilli, canned anchos, cayenne or the like. Just hotsauce.

First up is the Louisiana hot sauce collection, currently consisting of Frank’s Red Hot and Tabasco, both in their original varieties.



I find these to be a little high on the vinegar, but not as much as many American hot sauces. These will usually be my go to for splashing  into a stew or chilli for extra flavour – they both cook out nicely and give a warm, mellow heat. I’m also a big fan of the Tabasco chipotle variety, which is milder but also sweet and smoky and makes a great dipping sauce mixed with a little mayo. I am a sucker for the smoked flavour as well.



Next is a sauce that goes by many names, mostly because they involve anatomy and sound a little rude. Sriracha is yum. Spicy and very sweet and much thicker than the Louisiana style. It originates in Thailand and this version has extra garlic – very tasty indeed. I use this mostly in Asian food where the Louisiana sauces would be too OTT on salt or vinegar and I want the added sweetness. I liberally squirted it over my pad thai last night and it was delicious.

My favourite hot sauce, however, is one produced locally in Ireland by Mic’s Chilli who also make a kick arse bbq and sweet chilli sauce.



inferno solo


What I love about this that it’s literally chillis in a blender with some seasoning, and tastes wonderful. Smooth, spicy and fresh. Also has incredible artwork on the bottles, no?


3 inferno

They vary in heat from one habenero per (167g) bottle all the way up to the very spicy Inferno Extreme, which has 12 habeneros in a bottle! I currently have the lite variety on the go, which is one of the milder options with 3 habeneros per bottle.

….though I do have a large supply to choose from if I get bored.  I won a competition last year run by the company and the prize was a huge mixed case. I’ll run out some time in 2015, I reckon…


Anyone else have a favourite hotsauce? I’m intrigued by Aardvark, but I can’t find it in this neck of the woods.



Disclaimer: My hotsauce opinions are all my own. While I have more of a particular brand than some stores, I received no incentive to call it awesome in public. Heck, they don’t even know I’m blogging about it.


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  1. I love hot sauce and have a similar collection. I put chilli on most things. I keep a bottle of smokey Tabasco in my desk drawer at work and use it most days. I tend to put too much chilli in the food I cook. I thought I could manage any hot sauce. But my partner proved this was not true by getting me a bottle of Psycho Juice for Christmas. I can just about manage half a teaspoon with a dish. This will last me a very long time.

  2. I agree with your comment on the vinegar. I also think Frank’s Hot Sauce has too much of it and it nearly ruined my last curry. I need to remember to put it on everything except curry.

  3. I’m still new to hot sauce, but damn do I love it! My collection is a lot smaller then yours since I tend to stick to sriracha and Franks, but I’ve got a bottle of chiptole tabasco that’s super tasty when I’m in the mood for a smokey kick. I’ll have to see if I can find those Inferno ones somewhere.

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