Rhapsody in red.

So this evening’s post was going to involve me assembling a lasagne, using that tasty, tasty sauce from yesterday. Unfortunately I seemed to be suffering from a serious case of the Wednesdays.

2013-09-11 19.29.58

Yup. Taking the pot out of the fridge I managed to drop the whole sodding thing. What’s missing from this photo is the surprised expression on my face, followed by the horrified realisation that at least half the sauce was dripping down my chest and bare legs (as I’d been rained on and changed into my pajama shorts when I got home ten minutes earlier).

I particularly like the spatter pattern across the kickboard, which extended up the side of the fridge and press.

On the up side, I can heartily recommend ecloths, which made short work of this mess.

Instead of getting annoyed and calling a takeaway place (or, in honesty, eating every biscuit in the house with a giant mug of tea) I fried some garlic in a little olive oil, chopped up three portabello mushrooms that were lingering in the fridge, along with a small chunk of broccolli and a couple of sundried tomatoes. Sauteed for a few minutes, added a blob of tomato puree from the bottom of a jar, a couple of tablespoons of natural yoghurt, and tah dah! The most makeshift creamy pasta sauce ever.

Not my finest culinary moment, but entirely edible when stirred through some spaghetti and topped with an ungodly amount of nooch. No photo, due to inhaling of said pasta as it was nearly 9pm by the time it was ready.

Anyone else had any kitchen disasters lately?




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  1. Aw no! I bottled my ginger beer earlier and then decided to make a fruit bread with the leftover ginger as it still has yeast in it, but in my enthusiasm I forgot I was wearing a new sweater (it’s got a kind of open weave honeycomb pattern) and didn’t put an apron on. There are bits of flour and oats in the open bits now! Nothing compared to your spillage but a bit of a pain.

  2. Aw poor you. Recently reached up to get something off the top shelf in my pantry & knocked a 3 litre full bottle of vegetable oil off. Caught it upside down, the lid came off and at least half of it glugged on the floor covering my box of soya milk cartons. Took forever to clean up. The floor is still rather unctuous

      • One of my first cooking experiments involved me dropping my mother’s ceramic mixing bowl…not best pleased here either! That’s what I got for picking it up with wet hands…lol

  3. Aww well done you for not calling for Chinese takeaway… I prepared a lovely Vegan MOFO dinner the other night, plated it up, took my photos and then dropped the whole thing on the living room floor. The dog ate most of it so I can’t complain – but how sad is it that I was glad I got to take pictures of it first? I think I ate cheezy spread and crackers!

  4. Hah!! I love this post, sorry as I am for your lost sauce. I typically have spectacular kitchen disasters, but today I only managed to cheese grater the crap out of my fingers, dump all the dinner pasta into my filthy sink while straining it, and misplace a pot of deep-frying oil only to find my IBS-havin’ dog gulping it down like water. So, typical day.

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