Best laid plans

Next time I decide “I know! I’ll make two huge sushi rolls, then bring one for lunch tomorrow!”, I need to step away from the rice cooker. I have no resistance when it comes to these tasty rolls of rice and avocado and a giant sushi binge is a great idea until half an hour later when belly is arguing with waistband*.

This is one of the worst photos of homemade sushi ever taken, but here ya go anyway.




That’s what I get for using a camera phone at almost 9pm. (In other news, we’re starting to lose light here really early in the day now. Like, really early. BOOOOO!!!!)

Sheet of nori, seasoned sushi rice (rinsed twice, cooked in rice cooker with some salt, then sprinkled with rice vinegar and mirin while still hot), avocado mush and daikon. Double daikon, to be precise. Love me some crunch in mah sushi.

The avocado mush is the easiest way I’ve found to roll something that does not want to be rolled without a fight. I scoop the flesh of the tasty fruit into a bowl and attack it with a fork, as if I was making guac. A small squirt of lemon juice and a couple of teaspoons of plain soyghurt mixed in, and it’s much easier to gain it’s cooperation. Do leave it chunky though, or as soon as you try to cut the roll it’ll just squish out each end and leave you with goo on your chopping board and not much in the middle of your sushi (particularly if your rolling is less than professional, like mine).

Avocado is by far my favourite filling for sushi, and was even during my omni days. It’s got that beautiful creamy texture and the high fat content (for veg, that is!) that just ticks all the boxes for me. Honestly, I’ve not had a single craving for the fishy kind since going vegan, and I think it’s down to this beautious green fruit. Ideally I’d have rummaged in the presses and found some sesame seeds to toast and sprinkle on – it really takes this humble roll to a whole new level of awesome.

This was scarfed with copious amounts of wasabi and pickled ginger, and a little soy sauce.

It’s not even half past nine and I’m ready for bed…..



*Let’s be honest though….totally worth it, at least once in a while.


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    • It takes a while to get confident with it, or did for me at least, and my biggest mistake early on was not using enough pressure when rolling. I ate a lot of really loose, falling apart rolls lol

      Still, at least you can be confident that even the failures are tasty!

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