Weekend washout.

This weekend was going to involve lots of foodie indulgence and a great post about cooking vegan food for Sunday lunch with my omni parents, and I’d then blog about how they loved it. It’s been a bit of a washout though, to be honest, culminating in my being woken up at 6am with a migraine so bad I thought my eye was going to pop. HusBeast is also fighting off a horrible cold, so lots of garlic, ginger and chilli is on the menu.

The sum total of my cooking since Friday night, then, has been this.



Two pizza bases from the freezer, topped with garlic spread and copious amounts of Vegusto No-Muh melty. I adore this cheese. It melts beautifully and tastes squidgy and cheesy. Even omniHusband likes it, which is saying a lot.

The pizza bases were made in the breadmaker a couple of weeks ago. One lot of dough makes four one person sized thin based pizzas. I part bake them in a superhot oven, allow to cool on a rack, then bag and freeze. When I want pizza during the week then, it’s just a matter of taking out a couple of bases, smearing with tomato sauce and slapping on a few toppings. Proper dinner assembled and in my gob in under 30 minutes, including oven pre-heating time. Perfect for work nights, as we generally don’t get home until at least 7pm.



I probably should have helped to balance this out by having it with a salad, but no. I scoffed it, then followed it up with a bowl of chocolate Swedish Glace. I regret nothing.

Time for an episode of Fringe and some well deserved sleep.



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    • Much better, thanks. 🙂 Had a monster sandwich and more hobnobs than I’d like to admit to for breakfast, to make up for my lack of food yesterday. Was glorious.

      The bases freeze really well just in freezer bags. The little ones fit more easily in drawers as well. Can’t believe I haven’t been doing it for years.

  1. Some days a nice cheesy, garlicky pizza is all you need! Hope you’re feeling better. I have a naan bread recipe that I like to make and freeze – they make perfect personal size pizzas, too.

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