Seeing as my first proper post involved potatoes, I figured I’d go the whole stereotype hog and start this one with tea.

I like tea.

I go through phases with it, and with coffee. Tea, coffee and water are my beverages of choice over the course of an average day – I don’t drink much juice and I steer clear of fizzy sugar water/soda/pop, apart from the occasional Fentimans with some rum

I didn’t like either beverage much until my early twenties and, honestly, I’m still not enamoured with most “Irish tea” or Irish breakfast blends which generally involve crappy tea in crappy bags and are served with far too much milk and sugar for my liking, probably to kill the taste of tannin and cardboard. I’ve had far too much coffee over the last year due to college (and a 60+ hour lecture/study week), sometimes up to a couple of pots a day – yup, pots! I’ve been cutting down a lot though, and generally I’m a one mug a day girl, except for weekend brunch.

This was my start to the day.


tea for one


Apple loves Mint tea, from the amazing Suki Teas. This is technically an infusion or tissane, and not “real tea”, but it’s delicious and a great, slow start to the day. I had this in KC Peaches, one of my favourite places in Dublin, which I’ll probably talk about at length later. I first discovered Suki when I was living in Belfast, as they were a regular at St. George’s Market on weekends (which I highly recommend visiting if you happen to be in the neighbourhood). They have an amazing range of teas and I’ve yet to find one that I’ve not loved. I bought so many of them to take with me when I was moving back “down south”. My favourites are the Apple loves Mint, blue flower earl grey and the amazing Belfast Brew, which is possibly the best Irish breakfast tea on the island (and I’ve drunk a lot of different teas over the years!).

When I’m in work, I have my own itty bitty desk that I share with a crapped out CRT monitor, that used to be mine until recently (and there’s no way I can huff down three flights of stairs for recycling). Beside it is my itty bitty tea station.

tea corner

I used to have a few boxes on the go, but it started to turn into tea jenga, so I’ve gone this route instead. The tub currently contains Numi Aged Earl Grey and Pukka Three Mint. These are two of my favourite teas and tea brands – they’re very good for bagged tea, which I often find tastes more of the packaging than the ingredients. Pukka make a large number of more unusual teas, involving spices and things like rose petals. Numi have an amazing range of blooming flower teas as well, which are incredibly pretty to watch unfurl in a glass teapot.  These two brands, as well as being tasty, are also pretty widely available and don’t require a mortgage, unlike some of the really specialised tea shops. I also have brown, unrefined sugar, which I’ve decanted into a tub, for when I have the need for coffee. My giant mug (which currently contains the last of my Pukka Vanilla Chai) is also handy for cereal, on occasion, or some much needed lunchtime soup. There’s also chocolate, because…well…chocolate.

We all have our own nerdy mugs in the studio. It guarantees that you’ll never be without a vessel when the urge for tea strikes and it’s a nice way to show a bit of personality. Most of the huge mug collection is comic or movie related. Not surprising, seeing as we essentially make cartoons for a living 🙂

Anyone else have favourite tea or coffee-ish beverages? Any that work really well iced, or that are perfect morning or late evening drinks? I’m intrigued by the idea of sun tea, but unfortunately I live in Ireland!




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