Portable treats.

I am a big fan of chocolate, and thankfully it is one sweet snack where vegan types fare well here as it is all over the place and pretty damn tasty to boot.

I have previously mentioned the institution that is Butlers in my tour post. There are branches all over Dublin and I loved their hot chocolate in my omni days. Unfortunately their coffee is rather sucky and I have yet to get a decent soy cappuccino from them. First world problems, eh?  On the upside, they have some tasty offerings for vegans which are labelled clearly and are available in all branches.

2013-09-26 19.40.15

I’ve had the whole almond dark chocolate before and it’s really delicious. Good dark chocolate with plenty of lovely fresh almonds – nothing dried out or skinflinty about it. The other bar is one that I’m trying for the first time, and I fear that it may be the chocolate version of a leprechaun suit. Dark chocolate with a nip of Jameson. It’s clearly aimed at tourists but I’m willing to give it a try in the name of science. Tasty, tasty science.

These two will be added to my vegan snack stockpile for my trip. It’s not that I doubt the chocolate-creation abilities of other countries or that I’m one of “those travellers” who demands food from home when abroad, but I do doubt my ability to translate ingredient lists in other languages. I can spot things like eggs and milk, but there are a whole other range of flavourings and additives that are much trickier to spot. Sure, I’m probably being over-cautions, but it’s my first trip overseas since becoming vegan and I’m erring a little on the safe side. These should hit the spot nicely!


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