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Beer and sympathy

First post using the smart phone app, so bear with me!

I have been feeling a bit unwell for the last couple of days and today I must admit that I am just a little ill. Blargh. I still went to work today – the downside of freelance work – but dosed myself with Panadol hot lemon and cough syrup. Deeply attractive stuff.

On the way to the tram we passed the beer tents of Oktoberfest and my better half suggested we stop for sustenance, which would mean not having to worry about dinner later. I was easily swayed.


Thanks to strict German purity laws with regard brewing, everything at the festival is vegan. In terms of beer, at least. The food was distinctly not veggie friendly and I was left with a bowl of fried potatoes and onions, liberally doused in mustard. On the up side, it was pretty tasty and the beer was delicious – its the Erdinger Oktoberfest brew which i try to get a couple of pints of every year in the brief window that it’s available.

Right, am already in pajamas so going to attempt an early night and hopefully beat this cold into submission. I refuse to be sick for my upcoming holiday!