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Bonus MoFo

I meant to take some photos of this evening’s dinner, but it got scoffed before I remembered the camera. Nothing too fancy though. Brown rice, broccoli and crispy fried tofu in panko, with curry sauce and homemade chilli jam for dipping. Delicious, if not entirely attractive looking. It has been a crazy busy day – we’re trying to spend part of every weekend getting rid of “stuff” so that moving house later in the year is less of a pain in the bits. I even recycled three years worth of college notes today, which I was expecting to be a bit wibbly-enducing but it turned out to be very cathartic.

I also got a lovely, lovely email from the VeganMoFo team last night to say that a hamper of Vegusto products would be winging its way to me shortly, which I’m delighted about. I haven’t been vegan long, and one of the biggest achievements of my “career” to date has been adjusting to non-dairy cheese. Some taste like bath sponge. Some are more like play doh. I had really given up on all of them, apart from nooch, until I found Vegusto. It’s really hard to get around here – I manage to get a pack about every two months, and it’s always the no-muh melty, which gets rationed out for pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches. Now I’ll have the chance to try a whole range of their products – I’m so excited! I have the perfect showcase recipe in mind…