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Vegan MoFo day 25! Supply run.

I can’t believe that VeganMoFo is 25 days in! It has been a really fun month so far and I’ve hugely enjoyed reading everyone’s blogs and getting inspiration for all sorts of delicious dishes.

So this evening I did a quick snack attack run. We’re off on holiday this weekend, so my final MoFo posts will be from a warmer and drier location than my current one! The flight isn’t long enough for a meal to be included but it’s early in the morning and some form of snackage will most certainly be required in case I don’t have any decent breakfast options (…and paying a fiver for two pieces of droopy white toast with a scrape of jam is not a decent option, in honesty).

I’ve been scoping out our travel destinations and I’m very hopeful that I’ll eat pretty well. When I first started eating a vegan diet I always said that I could “just be vegetarian” on holiday, but I’m actually looking forward to sticking with my vegan ways. I guess I’ve become more comfortable and more confident with my decision over the last few months – plus vegan food is yum!

The first of the first snack bag was assembled this evening. This is for the airport and flight over (which means a 3.30am wake up call for a 6.30am flight. Argh) as from my previous experience the vast majority of airport breakfast options are egg and pig heavy, and there’s a distinct lack of non-dairy milk. Planning ahead is the key to avoiding belly rumbles and I’ve learned well from JoJo‘s post about travel snacks this month!



The current pile starts with a bag of sweet and salt popcorn. I’ve not had this flavour before but I like sweet and salt together, so I reckon I’m pretty safe. In truth, there was also a bag of the spicy and sweet, but that accidently got eaten on the way home. Delicious stuff and not hot spicy but more delicious-medley-of-warm-flavours spicy. Beside that is a pack of chicken that isn’t chicken. It may look like some sort of fancy jerky, but it’s made from tofu. In front is one of my many foodie downfalls. Chocolate and coconut covered rice cakes. These may resemble chocolate covered coasters but they’re insanely tasty and rather more-ish. It’s going to take some serious willpower not to crack into the packet before getting to the airport! I’ll be expanding on these tomorrow evening, as I’m guaranteed that someone I’m travelling with will think that my snacks look better than the rubbish ready made and over-chilled omni sandwiches when they’re over the ocean. I only wish that there existed such a thing as single serving nut butter packets in this part of the world…

I’m going to bring my (empty) bobble bottle with me as well, and give someone at a concession stand puppydog eyes until they fill it for me.

Right, time for some sleep. I still have a horrible cold and really want to kick it in the pants before the weekend.


Best laid plans

Next time I decide “I know! I’ll make two huge sushi rolls, then bring one for lunch tomorrow!”, I need to step away from the rice cooker. I have no resistance when it comes to these tasty rolls of rice and avocado and a giant sushi binge is a great idea until half an hour later when belly is arguing with waistband*.

This is one of the worst photos of homemade sushi ever taken, but here ya go anyway.




That’s what I get for using a camera phone at almost 9pm. (In other news, we’re starting to lose light here really early in the day now. Like, really early. BOOOOO!!!!)

Sheet of nori, seasoned sushi rice (rinsed twice, cooked in rice cooker with some salt, then sprinkled with rice vinegar and mirin while still hot), avocado mush and daikon. Double daikon, to be precise. Love me some crunch in mah sushi.

The avocado mush is the easiest way I’ve found to roll something that does not want to be rolled without a fight. I scoop the flesh of the tasty fruit into a bowl and attack it with a fork, as if I was making guac. A small squirt of lemon juice and a couple of teaspoons of plain soyghurt mixed in, and it’s much easier to gain it’s cooperation. Do leave it chunky though, or as soon as you try to cut the roll it’ll just squish out each end and leave you with goo on your chopping board and not much in the middle of your sushi (particularly if your rolling is less than professional, like mine).

Avocado is by far my favourite filling for sushi, and was even during my omni days. It’s got that beautiful creamy texture and the high fat content (for veg, that is!) that just ticks all the boxes for me. Honestly, I’ve not had a single craving for the fishy kind since going vegan, and I think it’s down to this beautious green fruit. Ideally I’d have rummaged in the presses and found some sesame seeds to toast and sprinkle on – it really takes this humble roll to a whole new level of awesome.

This was scarfed with copious amounts of wasabi and pickled ginger, and a little soy sauce.

It’s not even half past nine and I’m ready for bed…..



*Let’s be honest though….totally worth it, at least once in a while.

The morning after.

So I’m on attempt three with this post. WordPress does not like “The morning after” either, it seems.

Last night, being Friday, was our usual Friday night gaming session, which has been running for about five years now. People drop over around seven, I feed everyone, then we play some game or other – rpgs or board games mostly, but also card games and other bits and pieces. It’s really good fun and rounds off the week nicely. There are usually six of us, which is also a great number for most games.

While there may be six people, I generally cook for ten as at least half the group seem to have hollow legs. There’s one vegan, me, two will-eat-anything omnis (including HusBeast), one more fussy omni (I think this is the only time in the week he really eats veggies that aren’t on a pizza), one high level coeliac and one allergic-to-dairy-and-eggs. Simple vegan, analog-free food is the easiest and tastiest for all.


A huge pot of chana masala bubbling away on the hob, and a pan of coconut toasting. Off to the right is my beloved rice cooker. When it finishes I fluff the rice up and just before serving mix through the coconut. Deeee-licious.

To go with this I make my carrot salad. The recipe may seem a little slapdash, but it’s really a “to taste” recipe.┬áTo make it, you’ll need

Carrots. I advise organic – it’s well worth it here. I used 500g for six people.

Fresh ginger root – big-thumb sized piece.

Sliced almonds – a good handful. Don’t go overboard though. They should be tasty surprises among the carrots, not the dominating taste.

Fresh coriander

Fresh red chilli

1 lemon

First off, toast the almonds in a hot, dry frying pan. Keep an eye on them though as they really can go from pale and boring to burnt and unuseable in a few seconds.

prep for salad


Chop the lemon in half for juicing (this one was about the size of a big lime) and peel the ginger root. Grate the carrots. I’d recommend breaking out the food processor if one’s available. If not, use the most coarse side of your grater and grate directly into the serving bowl to preserve the carrotty juices. Once that’s done, deal with the chilli.

If you’re a little wary of spice, use a big chilli as they tend to be much milder – some of the tiny ones would blow your head off! This recipe doesn’t use the chilli for heat either, just flavour, so take the chilli, chop off the stem, split it lengthways and then peel out the membrane and seeds. I’d advise doing this directly over the bin/compost bag, especially if there are little people or furbabies at home as it stops bits going astray in between chopping board and bin. Slice the chilli very finely.


Grate the ginger directly onto the carrot in the serving bowl, again to preserve any juice that will try to escape. I use a microplane for this as it makes short work of any stringy bits. Move the grater around as you go. It makes mixing easier later.


Squeeze the lemon all over, sprinkle the chilli on and then ignore for ten minutes while you get on with some stirring. Don’t be tempted to add salt!

Just before serving, chop the coriander and sprinkle on.

ready to mix

I love the colours!

Add the almonds and then stick your hands in and mix away, trying to get as even a blend as possible. By this point, you’ll have become painfully aware of any papercuts you may have. It’s worth it, I promise.


Taah daah! From scratch toasted coconut rice, chana masala and carrot salad. Dee-licious.

This salad is really versatile, which is one of the things I love about it. If I’m making a very mild curry I might up the chilli or coriander. If I’m making something with lots of coconut milk that’s really creamy, I’ll add a little more lemon as a foil for the fat. It goes very nicely with almost all curries or Indian dishes and if there are leftovers they’re great in a wrap or pitta with hummus and a few raisins!

No leftovers today though…time for a rummage in the presses!